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Who We Treat

We treat active individuals and athletes who are seeking a quicker return to activity compared to traditional physical therapy, do not have the time to attend multiple visits per week, have failed traditional physical therapy, and who value a close connection and communication with their physical therapist.

Back Pain

Degenerative disc disease, spondylosis (arthritis), radiculopathy (sciatica), spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spondylolesthesis, muscular strain, disc herniation, thoracic outlet syndrome, costochondritis, post surgical

Neck Pain

Degenerative disc disease, spondylosis (arthritis), spinal stenosis, posture, whiplash, stiff neck, radiculopathy, posture, post surgical

Upper Extremity Pain

Use of a thin, filiform needle which is inserted in a trigger point or intramuscularly in order to aid in healing, reduce tissue tightness, or release a trigger point.

Lower Extremity Pain

Arthritis, post surgical, bursitis, labral injury, ACL/MCL/LCL, meniscus, patellofemoral pain, tendinopathy, muscular strain


Vestibular disorders, balance impairment, return to sport, concussion, MVAs, general weakness/deconditioning, etc.

Regardless of the location of your injury, be it your elbow, ankle, fingers, or hips, our therapists have likely treated a case similar to yours.

With our unique approach of one-on-one, 60-minute treatments, our therapists can dedicate the necessary time to deeply understand and assist our clients. Our business structure prioritizes each patient’s health and treatment results. We empower our therapists with the tools and freedom to investigate cutting-edge research, ensuring they’re equipped to efficiently adapt and deliver top-tier care leading to improved patient outcomes.

By taking the time to understand each patient’s injury while keeping up with the research, we are able to get you better, faster, with less chance of reinjury. And we’re willing to pull out all the stops to do so.

What We Treat

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