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Neck Pain

Are You Finding It Challenging To Sleep, Perform Weightlifting, Access Items In High Cabinets, Glance Over Your Shoulder While Driving, Or Manage Your Daily Tasks Due To Neck Pain?

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We Treat The Following Common Neck Pain:

Common Causes

  1. Impaired Mechanics: Weakness and muscle imbalance limit the range of motion, while joint stiffness and muscle inflexibility impair posture.
  2. Injury is caused by a rapid load or impact on the tissue.
  3. Chronic compensatory methods include avoiding activity in certain muscle groups and overusing other tissues due to previous injuries or the fear of future injuries.

Bailey Physical Therapy And Wellness Approach

  1. Proper neck and thoracic (midback) posture
  2. Release tension in the upper neck muscles.
  3. Make the chest and neck muscles more flexible.
  4. Manipulation, manual joint mobilization, and manual traction can all aid in improving joint mobility.
  5. Increase the strength of the muscles that flex the neck and shoulder blades.
  6. Massage, instrument-assisted mobilization, and cupping are all techniques that can help enhance tissue mobility.
  7. Nerve sensitivity (numbness, tingling, and discomfort that extends down the arm) can be reduced with specific nerve exercises.
  8. Perform functional and plyometric activities (throwing, catching, pushing, pulling, and pressing).

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